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Jason deCaires Taylor and Museo Subaquatico de Arte

Saturday, September 20, 2014


January 26, 2015 update
Our changing Fall-Winter issue now starts off with a video of Jason deCaires Taylor's Underwater Art Museum.

Our video tutorials include:
  • Martha Stewart: Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Bags with Joan Rivers
  • Valentine Heart Decor Wreath
  • Valentine's Day Nail Design
  • How To Make A Door Wreath From Antique Books

For young people, we have two videos:
  • Maleficent Face Paint Design Tutorial
  • Shoo Raynor's How To Draw A Heart Shape With A Bow

We also added The Simon's Cat Story. We hope that you enjoy these videos!


P.S. We are adding and changing videos as the seasons progress.


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Martha Stewart: Valentine's Heart Shaped Bags with Joan Rivers

How To Make A Valentine Heart Deco Mesh Wreath

Valentine's Day Nail Designs

How to Make a Door Wreath from Antique Books

The Simon's Cat Story

For Young People

Maleficent Face Paint Design Tutorial

Shoo Raynor, How to draw a heart shape with a bow

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